Science Slam

This page contains links to blog posts that are relevant to my Science Slam talks.


Gero Miesenboeck reengineers a brain – Link
The Crucible of Conciousness – Link
The brain in your gut – Link
Brain science is about to fundamentally change computing – Link
How brains learn to see – Link

To err is Human:

We’re All Predictably Irrational – Link
The Evolution of Confusion – Link
How monkeys mirror human irrationality – Link
Exploring the frontiers of happiness – Link


A Nice Visualization of Evolution – Link
Technology and Evolution (Playlist 53 Videos) – Link
A Darwinian theory of beauty – Link
Cute, sexy, sweet, funny – Link


When Ideas have Sex – Link
Memes and “temes” – Link
Ants, terrorism, and the awesome power of memes – Link

How everything is interesting:

Archeology, animal photography, BBQ – Link
Where good ideas come from – Link
The Secret Powers of Time – Link
Our Place in the Cosmos and What Makes Us Unique – Link
Uniqueness of Human Consciousness – Link
The Importance of Social Networks -Link
A journey to the center of your mind – Link
Why are we happy? Why aren’t we happy? – Link